135 Package - Bio Pellet Reactor 135 & In-Sump Skimmer 135 Combo

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Nitrate & Phosphate Removal Elite Duo

Save 10% when you buy the INS135s and the BPR135 together. The Bio Pellet Reactor 135 will turn your excessive organic nutrients into bacteria for your new INS135 Skimmer to remove. If you have tried everything to remove Nitrates, Phosphate, and just have unbeatable algae problems, then this is the last thing you will need to try. 

INS135S Specs:

The INS135S protein skimmer is rated to filter up to a 250 gallon marine aquarium, 135 gallon aquariums that are heavily stocked with live coral. Welded together with thick durable acrylic and PVC parts by American workers, you know the quality will be unmatched. The INS135S includes the protein skimmer body, protein skimmer cup and lid, collection cup quick-lock, the 1 1/4" adjustable outlet assembly, 1 1/4" air silencer, modified Sicce PSK pump with venturi and 2 feet of air hose, pump outlet fitting, and an air adjustment valve. This will be the last protein skimmer you will ever need for your home reef aquarium. 
  • Sump Space Required For Skimmer/ Footprint: 10" x 11.5"
  • Minimum Height Required: 24"
  • Ideal Water Level: 7" Constant
  • Reaction Chamber & Cup Diameter: 6"
  • Reaction Chamber Volume: 1.47 Gallons
  • Pump Inlet Size: 1"
  • Water Outlet Size: 1¼"
  • Pump (included): Modified Sicce Pin-Wheel Pump
  • Pump Consumption With Maximum Air Intake: 26 Watts @ 115/120 VAC 60hz
  • Air Intake: 780 lph

BPR135 Specs

  • Footprint: 4.5" x 10"
  • Height: 20"
  • Reaction Chamber Diameter: 3.5"
  • Access: 2.5" Opening with easy access quick disconnect.
  • Bio-Load Capacity: +/- 135 gallons system volume
  • Bio-Pellet Capacity: +/- 12oz 
  • Native Flow Through Rates: N/A
  • Pump: Eheim Compact + 2000
  • Power Consumption: 32 watts@ 120VAC 60hz