Dolphin Amp Master 4750 Water Pump


All Dolphin Amp Master Pumps are manufactured using one impeller designed to operate on each motor as close to 100% efficiency as possible. For this reason we do NOT offer the gimmick of multiple impellers or smaller impellers on the same motor running at poor efficiency rates.

Flow rates on all Amp Master Pumps may be dialed back with a discharge ball valve to any desired flow rate with no harm to the pump. Amperage rate will drop as flow rate is reduced to your desired rate. The most efficient way to plum any system is to install a ball valve at the discharge union then a tee fitting plumbing a closed loop manifold with return reducing tees wherever you want a flow return. A closed loop can be any shape or design as long as both ends return to the tee at the ball valve. This ensures even pressure through your return manifold.

All Dolphin Pumps have pre-filter priming pots available for installations where water is being drawn up from source or when pre filtration of debris is needed.

Diamond Amp Master pumps come in the following models:


  • Dimensions 12” x 6 1/4” x 81/4”

  • Near silent, cool running

  • 1/15 HP 1725 RPM

  • Circulates 4750 GPH without heat transfer

  • Factory warranty 2-3 years (dependant on seal selection)

  • Suggested use: 120 gallon and over

  • Volt: 115

  • Supplied with 1.5” super seal unions and anti-vibration pump pad


Type 1 – FRESHWATER SEAL. Over double the work life expectancy of other style freshwater seals. 10-year factory service guarantee.

Type 2 – MARINE. Designed for pumping clean non-abrasive marine water. 10-year factory service guarantee.

Type 3 – MARINE REEF & OTHER CORROSIVE WATER WITH LIFETIME FACTORY SERVICE GUARANTEE. Designed for pumping water containing abrasive sand and minerals. A seal designed to outlast the motor.

Type 4 – FRESH, MARINE & ANY ABRASIVE WATER WITH LIFETIME FACTORY SERVICE GUARANTEE. The leader in seal technology. A non-fail, lifetime seal. Offers all the advantages of seal-less options without all the disadvantages. Type 4 true diamond seal is super slippery, minimal friction and energy consumption. Recommended for extreme abrasive environments and where the pump will cycle on and off.

Dolphin recommends no less than type 3 abrasive proof seals for all reef and coral containing marine aquariums since these marine environments are all considered abrasive. The type 3 seals are designed to handle this environment with the reliability of a magnetic drive pump without all the drawbacks, such as heat transfer, noise, and energy consumption. All of our type 3 and diamond type 4 sealed amp master pumps include a 3-year factory warranty plus a free lifetime service guarantee. The ultimate type 4 diamond abrasive proof seal provides a virtually bulletproof pump against any abrasives, while at the same time it draws the lowest electrical current. For freshwater use the new fringe tech series type 1 seal design and surfaces are designed to provide a much longer service life than any other fresh water pump. When adapted to 2” plumbing they will also attain higher head pressures and flow rates than any of our low rpm 2’ pumps.