• EcoTech Marine Radion TIR Lense Kit (2 lenses)


    EcoTech Marine brings more innovation with the introduction of the TIR Lens Kit for your EcoTech Marine Radion XR30W LED Light Fixture. TIR stands for Total Internal Reflection. These are a "must have" upgrade for original or Gen 2 Radion LED Fixtures. Available in 80 Degree and 120 Degree Wide angle versions.  

    • Redirect more of the LEDs output directly to your tank
    • Increase PAR levels by up to 45% and average PAR levels by up to 23%
    • No additional energy consumption

    Videos below will show you how to swap your old lenses with your new improved upgrades.

    TIR Lens Instructions

    Radion Gen1/Gen2/Pro to Gen 3 Type Lens Frame Update

    Wide Angle Lens Installation For Gen 2 and Radion Pro Fixtures