Rossmont MOVER Stream Pump


The Product


Mover  – What is the function of a stream pump?


Especially in marine reef Aquariums, waves and water currents are indispensable for oxygen exchange between water and air surface and this oxygenation process supports the health of the whole habitat by carrying all the elements necessary for it. 

In the same manner, in a freshwater aquarium moving water supports the gas exchange with the adjcent air and facilitates the growth and the wealth of fishes and plants naturally; moreover it avoids the formation of stagnant areas (dead spots) among the plants and it maintains the water temperature uniform in all its points.

A stream pump (with axial rotor) has a particular conical turbulent jet, very wide and suitable for this purpose. Common powerheads pumps in commerce are not able to solve this function because their laminar jet is too direct and concetrated and it could destroy the habitat built with so many efforts and care.


Aquarium w mover LD

Imballo 2

The flow – Answering to needs

Mover is a stream propeller pump with a very wide and gentle flow, whose action cone has an angle of about 120°.

120Studied to be powerful but without disturbing our small guests, it's capable to generate a turbolence that simulates natural marine currents.

In Aquarium this flow is considered very efficient especially in presence of soft corals or LPS (Large Polyps Stony Corals), that do not necessitate of an excessive movement in the tank. It's very important, instead, that the flow is slightly more concentrated in case of SPS corals (Small Polyps Stony Corals).

 For this reason, as standard equipment it's included the specificconcentrator nozzle that reduces the action cone to an angle of about 60°, thus concentrating the efficiency to a closer area.

As standard equipment, in addition to this one, inside Mover box it's included a specific protection grid. This is very useful if the pump is powered by an on/off timer, because if the pump is switched off for a certain period of time, it can be necessary to protect the fishes from accidental entries inside the rotor chamber.

Moreover, it's possible to assembly the protection grid with or without the concentrator nozzle, for the maximum flexibility in any circumstance.


The dimensions – Target: reducing the volume

The ambition has incited us to overcome from standard schemes dictated by present technologies and go beyond by minimizing, removing, miniaturizing each part not strictly necessary to achieve the powerfulperformances that, with pride,  we can declare actually reached.


The diligence, the time and resources employed have been remarkable, but we are sure that Aquariums will benefit in prestige and elegance, without any sacrifice.

Mover M series is actually the smallest in the world among the orientable stream pumps in its category.

MOVER M quote lato       MOVER MX quote lato

 Models - MModels


Lh models technical data

GPH models technical data

The range – Choosing the right Mover

M Series specifies a precise range of pumps with same external dimensions but with different performances. The range is divided in 8 models, from 3400l/h (900gph) up to 15200L/h (4100gph).

How to choose then the right model?

Let's try to semplify this choice. First of all, a general advice to remember: it's better to produce waves and currents by many points instead of a single stronger point.

L Models Advised table

Gal Models advised table

The tables above show optimal values and they have to be considered an indication only. Each Aquarium has to be specifically evaluated in order to find the right equilibrium on the basis of quantity and kind of inhabitants.

*Available also ADVANCED SYSTEM PACKS including 2 pumps


The following table shows the possible combinations for the 3 main solutions:

The ADVANCED SYSTEM considers the use of 2 pumps positioned on opposite sides, whose flows cover in great part the tank's water volume. For a better result, we recommend to power them by an on/off timer with cycles starting from 1 minute (M models) and from 5 minutes (MX models).

The PROFESSIONAL SET considers the addition of a 3rd pump in operation 24/24h, positioned in the middle of the tank and oriented toward the water surface.
Timer CompatibleThis pump is necessary to maintain the turbolence on water surface and therefore a constant oxygenation. The other pumps, on the opposite sides, could be operated with on-off cycles starting from 1 minute: in this manner the whole tank's water volume is covered.

The SMART SET is certainly the most economic choice, suitable for people approaching the aquarium world. This choice considers a single powerful pump but in this case the action of waves and currents is generated only by one side.

Rossmont Mover MX   Aquarium stream pump   Side view




VAS – (Vibration Absorbing System)

VAS it's a unique system that guarantees the maximum operation quietness of the product.

As a result of a long research and thanks to the high technical materials employed, this technology is capable toabsorb the vibrations that normally the product would transmit, by blocking them during the rotor assy rotation. This is possible thanks to its isolation from contact points with external parts.

Moreover the long-lasting insulating rubbers have been extended to those areas of the product in contact with the glass of the tank, so no vibration can be transmitted to the environment.

Strictly connected with this technology, we've studied and dimensioned those components that would have entered in resonance, in order to make Mover technically superior and constanly quiet.

The rotor – The technical heart

The future is in the hands of dimensions and technology.

In this small component, each construction line has been designed for its technical purpose with the aim to keep it compact, strong and very silent during operation.

Realized with autolubricating technical plastics, with a food-approved stainless steel core, the rotor mountshigh precision ceramic bearings, coupled with a shock absorber (made of vulcanized rubber) that eliminates vibrations and allows the startup always in the correct sense, in a silent and safe way.

The external locking disc that contains these parts, permits a quick extraction of the rotor assy but it's also a protection in case of accidental falls.

Low energy

Moreover, particular attention should be dedicated to the propeller: drawn on the motorboat principles, it has been studied to create autonomously aturbulent and very wide flow perfect for this application and capable to move huge masses of water maintaining a low energy consumption.


This last factor means also that the pump transmits a very few quantity of heat to the surrounding ambient and so it prevents the increasing of Aquarium temperature.


Everything in the future will be always smaller and more compact.


The future for us is already begun.


ACS – Auto Cleaning System

Singularly, all the parts that form Mover have an extreme technical level, but what is truly important it's their position inside the product.

The Auto Cleaning System it's a set of windows and openings positioned in particular points of the pump. By a specific path, the water recirculates correctly in a forced way and eliminates the residual air inside, thus lubricating and cleaning continuously every part of the pump that normally would consume rapidly due to debris, calcium deposits or salt.

In this way, the frequence of maintenance is considerably reduced and the life of the product increases exponentially.

Thanks to this system, the product is guaranteed for 24h operation without any particular attention, both in marine and freshwater aquariums.



Maintenance – The small cleaning brush

Another point of strength of Mover is that it doesn't need any particular maintenance, thanks also to ACStechnology. But how many times it happens to not know how to clean a pump? To solve this question, we have included as standard equipment a specific brush that can arrive everywhere, thanks to its small dimensions and its practical handle.

Then for the ordinary maintenance it's enough to remove the front chamber and the rotor assy and to use the brush right after having soaked it in vinegar or lemon juice; after a rinse the job is concluded.

The magnetic support – Freedom in positioning

Safety must be a priority for every product.

Mover M series comes originally with a magnetic support that allows the free positioning in every point of the tank and guarantees a stable hold for glasses up to 15mm/0,59in (M models) and 19mm/0.75in (MX models) of thickness (this measure covers the main models of tanks in commerce).

But we've gone beyond: the part of the support in the water has been conceived smaller than the external one. The advantage is the maximum freedom in positioning of Mover also in narrow spaces inside the Aquarium and in case of thicker glasses, it's enough to substitute only the external part with the optional accessories suitable for glasses up to 19mm (0,75in) and 25mm (1in).


Moreover, thanks to the practical spherical joint on the internal part of the support, it's possible to rotate in 3D the pump for the orientation in the desired direction by using only one hand.


This is an important feature that places Mover in a well defined category of products.

Compact support


The Quality

made in italy

Made in Italy – Processes and checks

The very small dimensions are not the only distinction characteristic of this range: we have put all our know-how and the most modern technologies to give the maximum safety when using a Style product of real Italian Quality.

Made in Italy for us means the possibility to follow each production process in first person, without “surprises”, in order to realize long-lasting products, as industries did in the past.

And when we say that in Rossmont each single product is checked for the 100% of its features before the packaging, it's not only a sentence to capture the attention: the real check that we do helps us firstly to be sure to have realized, one after the other, professional products capable to keep a Top Quality Standard of our brand in the World.

The check then ends with the apposition on each product of data label with the Serial Number, the unique identification code that let us know instantly the history and the technical composition of each single product, accessory or spare part of Mover M series.


With this certainty of Quality, we have decided to extend the Warranty period of 12 extra months (for a total amount of 36 months), so that our brand becomes a synonym of Reliability of a Company that is at the service of the Customer.

The materials – Added Value

All the materials that compose Mover have been chosen to give an added value to the product: they're all first choice technical materials, strong and anti-shock, non-toxic and specifically tested for the delicate Aquarium environment.

They are studied to guarantee a long-lasting life and the conservation of aesthetic and working characteristics.

The rigid tests to whom they're subjected, start from raw materials and proceed till the last transformation, so embracing each aspect and production process.

This is the first step to achieve constance of equal products in mass production.



The packaging – The elegant box

It was really our desire to make a breakthrough also by this point of view: the packaging realized for Mover, built with a solid box, is conceived to have the guarantee that the product is protected during the transport and to be not damaged or ruined in any manner.

With Mover you buy a real added value as never before in this market, and the elegant box is the first impression with whom we can demonstrate it.

Included in the box, in addition to the Mover pump, as standard equipment we supply:

  • magnetic support for glasses up to 15mm/0.59in (M models) or 19mm/.75in (MX models)
  • concentrator nozzle
  • protection grid
  • cleaning brush
  • multilingual instruction booklet

Available in the website the dedicated catalogue section with prices of all models, complete with spare parts and accessories.