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    Flow Uncompromised

    In a reef aquarium, having the perfect amount of flow and water movement is crucial to the health of your animals, as well as the overall success of the tank.  With the VorTech Quiet Drive, choosing the proper water circulation equipment has never been more simple.  VorTech pumps are designed by aquarists to be the standard in wave-making technology:

    • Create massive water movement

    • No hotspots

    • Three dimensional flow

    • Comprehensive flow modes

    • Ultra low-profile design

    • Safe

    Quiet Drive

    • QuietDrive represents the next evolution of the award winning VorTech Driver.

    • All new driver included with the VorTech MP10, MP40 and MP60

    • 6+ Available continuous operational modes

    • Wave Auto Tune, Feed Mode & Night Mode

    • up to 90% Less motor noise

    • Communicates with existing WWD and “w” EcoSmart Pumps

    • Fully compatible with EcoSmart Live via ReefLink

    • Available as an upgrade for WWD and EcoSmart Drivers


    • Dry-Side: 4.00 x 3.00 inches (102 x 76 mm)

    • Wet-Side: 4.00 x 2.80 inches (102 x 71 mm)


    • Flow Range: 3,500-7,500 gallons (13,000 – 28,000 liters) per hour

    Tank Range

    • Tank Thickness Range: 0.375 -1.00 inch (9.5 – 26 mm)
    • Tank Size Range: 120-1,000+ gallons (450 – 3,800 liters)
    • Clearance Needed Behind Tank: 3.30 inches (84 mm)


    • Wattage: 10 – 60 Watts
    MP60 Data Sheet

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