• RLSS Waveline Apex Ready DC Pump


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    Thinking about using a DC Pump on your aquarium?

    The RLSS Waveline DC return pumps now come with full Apex Ready compatibility and are one of the best choices for a reliable and quiet DC powered controllable pumps. With an adjustable volute, and the ability to be used internally or externally the Apex Ready Waveline pumps are some of the best value when it comes to efficiency and price. The Waveline DC Pump water flow can be adjusted through the controller it comes with or through your Apex Aquacontroller. The Waveline Pump controller has a 30 minute feed timer for when you need to slow the water flow down for feeding your fish and corals. 

    How to maintain Waveline DC Pump

    Waveline DC pumps are designed and built in module-pattern. In most of the circumstance, the controller and AC/DC adapter can be easily replaced or re-organized. For example, a DC6000 controller and DC10000II AC/DC adapter and DC4000 pump body can run together. Nevertheless, DC4000 AC/DC adapter can not run the DC6000/DC10000II/DC12000 pumps. We recommend the users should check and clean the pump in very 6 months or even in shorter period if used in; muddy fresh water,  salt water,  hard water, high KH-value water, high mineral water,  warm water below 35 degree C, or tropical climate water
    The maintenance will be simple, unscrew the pump volute and check if any stocks in pump impeller and volute. Use fresh water to clean all parts. Pull out the Shaft to check if any mud, sands on the surface and clean the shaft house inside with acid detergent, like Tunze Citric Acid. Use fresh water to wash out the whole pump again.

    Whats in the box:

    •  Waveline pump body
    •  Apex Ready Controller for Waveline Pumps
    •  AC/DC Power Adapter
    •  Power Supply Adapter Power Cord
    •  Water inlet and outlet connector

    DC2500HP Specs:

    •  Input: 3/4" Male MPT
    •  Output: 3/4" Male MPT
    •  Max Flow: 660 GPH
    •  Max Head: 13 Feet
    •  Wattage: 30w at full speed (36w including adapter)
    •  Input: DC24v 1.3A
    •  Dimensions: 4.50" x 2.52" x 3.27"

    DC6000 Specs:

    • Input: 1.25" Male MPT
    • Output: 1.0" Male MPT
    • Max Flow: 1585 GPH
    • Max Head: 15.41 Feet
    • Wattage: 48 watt at full speed (55 watt including adapter)
    • Input: DC24v 2.0A
    • Dimensions: 6.0" x 3.58" x 5.0"

    DC10000II Specs:

    • Input: 1.5" Male MPT
    • Output: 1.25" Male MPT
    • Max Flow: 2853 GPH
    • Max Head: 16.4 Feet
    • Wattage: 85w at full speed (95 watt including adapter)
    • Input: DC24v 3.5A
    • Dimensions: 7" x 4.17" x 5.78"


    • Input: 1.5" Male MPT
    • Output: 1.25" Male MPT
    • Max Flow: 3170 GPH
    • Max Head: 22.96 Feet
    • Wattage: 139 watt at full speed (150w including adapter)
    • Input: DC24v 5.8A
    • Dimensions: 7.0" x 4.17" x 5.78"